Thursday, 29 September 2011

Zoya Neeka & Yara - Oh My!

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Happy not so pink Wednesday!

I've have some nail mail & my oh my, what did the postman bring?! Some lovely Zoyas of course.

As soon as I saw photos of the Fall Smoke & Mirrors Collection I knew I had to - I mean HAD to - have Yara & Neeka!!!



indoor lighting

Yara is a beautiful olive/khaki green with small gold fleck-like glitter pieces. Oddly enough it seems to look darker in outdoor lighting. I was actually a bit surprised to find that it was a lot darker in real life than in the photos I'd seen. The first picture is most colour accurate. But it is still gorgeous (and keeps up with the fall trend of army greens) and applied beautifully in two coats. On the thick side, formula wise.

sunlight (it was a bit cloudy)



Neeka is the smoky purple version of Yara. In fact Neeka is the same as Yara in every other way too: 2 coats, thickish formula, perfect application. It too was a bit darker in real life than I'd expected, but I didn't mind, it looked so good.

I should also mention that they dried seriously quickly. Very impressive. I decided to limit myself to just these two colours from this collection. Though I often dream about adding Jana... hhhhmmm

Til next time
xxx NPA

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