Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back in the Saddle - Nubar Gem

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Greetings everyone,

I'm not going to lie, being in sunny Port Douglas was pretty sweet. Catching up with my brother and sister = :) Going gator spotting on the Lady Douglas was awesome (so was seeing the walking fish sneaking up on a croc & the captain throwing fish in the air for eagles to catch!) But, one of the main highlights of my trip? Buying Aussie nail polish!

There was a lack of choice since I only got to shop at the airport & a couple of chemists in Port Douglas, but I got some AMAZING Mode polishes & I also picked up 3 of the Maybelline mini Coloramas. I know they aren't Australian, but I got so sick of only seeing the 60/50 sec dry Maybelline formulas in NZ - which are rendered utterly useless due to their awful brushes, that I've been snubbing the brand completely. That meant I hadn't even seen these new coloramas! They were only $5.95 for 7.5mL, which may sound a bit steep, but I've only managed to get halfway through a bottle of polish once in my life - and with my ever expanding stash I will never ever manage to use up any of my 15mL bottles, so it is a pretty good deal IMO - P.S they are primo polishes so I will have to pay attention to their other polishes again. I did see some Bloom & Satin brand polishes but none of the colours available took my fancy & life is too short to wear crappy coloured polish so, meh.
Courtesy of Duty Free I am also the proud, new owner of 6 OPIs - (2 for $25 in Oz & 2 for $32 in NZ!)

As fate would have it the plane touched down in Auckland to showers and a decidedly cool 10 C (compared to 25 C in Oz), but it's was good to be back! I was a bad (dog) mother... I woke up baby Buster for an early morning cuddle! Luckily he's not a real baby  so he went right back to sleep. I swear he'd grown taller in just 5 days. His legs are looking lanky :( Maybe he'll be able to climb down the stairs soon though!!! Enough of boring you with the updates on my puppy - I missed my readers & blogging about polish too!

Tonight, I have a Gem for you, literally...

3 coats of Gem - indoors, you can see the holographic goodness in the bottle and a wee bit of the pink flash

Gem outdoors, weak sun

This is Nubar Gem from the Prisms Collection. This is such an interesting colour, a lot going on! It mostly looks like a taupe, but there is also a grey-pink duochrome going on in the base. On top of that, it is filled with holographic microglitter - the real gritty kind!!! I think you could definitely get away with wearing this in a conservative work place. I do love a taupey polish, and this is a fun twist on playing it safe.

This wasn't what I had expected from the Prisms range, but it was a nice surprise. Gem certainly needs a couple layers of topcoat though. I think I might have even had 1 layer of Seche Vite on in these pics & you can't even tell.

It's good to be back.
I hope you missed me too!!!

xxx NPA

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