Thursday, 29 September 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Winter Collection Swatches & Review

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Hey Peoples,

I am seriously feeling this collection from Essie - aside from the fact that it is in now way 'blingy'. Yes I find it odd that they would name a collection of 6 cremes based on jewellery/gems etc. But that does not affect the awesomeness of it.

I'll talk about the formula later, all the photos are two coats of polish without top coat. For now, here are the colours:

Cocktail Bling - artificial lighting

The namesake of the collection is a greyed light blue. I see it as dove grey mixed with light blue. Very nice indeed.

Bangle Jangle - artificial lighting

I really like Bangle Jangle - a greyed lilac creme. It's demure and chic at the same time & looks nice next to my skin.  think it's a bit spring like too - bonus.

Brooch the Subject - artificial lighting

 A beige nude creme, Brooch the Subject is like a really milky coffee. I have big love for this one - just not sure it's loving me back is all. What do you think? Does it look odd on next to my skin? I did a poor job applying this one (it was the combination of a crappy base coat and using my left hand!), but it was just as good as the others.

School of Hard Rocks - artificial lighting
 I love how well Essie does green! School of Hard Rocks is a greyed dark teal creme, or perhaps a greyed sea green? Either way it is gorgeous.

Bobbing for Baubles - artificial lighting

 This is a super dark blue charcoal. It's really dark. I kind of wish that it was a tad lighter so more blue would show through, in direct sunlight it does look more blue - but it does look winter appropriate - a way to ease in to black?

Size Matters - artificial lighting
Size Matters - sunlight

 Size Matters is a little tricky to describe. I first thought it was a berry - identical to OPI Manicurist of Seville. But when I compared them I saw that Size Matters has more red in it. The red was more apparent in indoor lighting though.

So the formula on these was more or less perfection. The darker shades could be 1 coaters. The only one I had difficulty with was Brooch & that was because I put too thin a coat over a wet base coat = a bit of streakiness. The second coat sorted it out though.

What are your thoughts on Cocktail Bling? If you're disappointed by the absence of shimmer don't worry; the Holiday collection is called Luxeffects - 6 top coats of flakey, glittery or shimmery goodness!


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