Saturday, 21 December 2013

Romance is in the air

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I had a massive destash over the last couple of weeks, managing to almost half my polish collection, sadly some of the casualties were really beautiful, but I had to be hard on myself or I'll never have room for new pretties!
This Essence sadly, didn't survive. RIP my friend.

Essence Colour & Go Time for Romance

Set in a puce sheer jelly, Time for Romance contains rose pink hex and holographic micro-glitter. I applied three coats to achieve opaque coverage.

I'll be featuring some loosely Christmas themed nail art soon, fear not, my friends!


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  1. This is pretty! I don't think I could cut my collection in half! Heck, I am adding to it in copious amounts right now due to all these end of year sales. Need to go on a no buy in the new year....or a buy fewer, use what I have? LOL....

    Happy holidays!!!!


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