Monday, 5 August 2013

ELECTRIC DREAM : a piCture pOlish Collaboration Shade with Nail Polish Anon

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Shapes that shift
Shine so bright!

Following Picture Polish Blog Fest 2012, the ladies at PP approached me to collaborate on a polish shade. I was so thrilled to be chosen and I hope you love the lacquer the team and I cooked up!

I immediately knew I wanted my polish to be coral. It is quite possibly my favourite colour. It always makes my skin look tan and it compliments my warm-olive skin tone. My inspiration for the shade was the coral I've seen while snorkeling in Fiji. My parents took us to Fiji quite a few times growing up; Nadi is only a few hours by plane and the locals are lovely and very tourist friendly so heaps of Kiwis and Aussies holiday there. We usually stayed on islands in the Mamanuca or Yasawa groups. Apart from the water sports, my siblings and I loved the snorkeling. The angel fish and the pretty pink, purple and orange corals never ceased to amaze me.
These are Namena Soft Corals:

PP already have a shade named Coral Reef,so I struggled for a while before settling on the name Dream Weaver for my collaboration shade.
However, when the prototype arrived it was so much brighter than I what I had had in mind, it was almost a glowing neon and the song Electric Dream jumped in to my head and refused to leave.

Here's its namesake Electric Dream by Shapeshifter; the sound of Summer 2006/2007 (the end of my first year of uni!)

Now on to the swatches!

piCture pOlish Electric Dream

Electric Dream is a creamy near neon coral pink loaded with gold shimmer and scattered with the silver holographic shards PP is famous for. EC is a serious chameleon. Sometimes a warm medium pink, then a shimmering coral, or an orange glowing with gold shimmer. Which means it is a disaster to photograph, always looking too orange - but the bottle shots are very true to colour, something about it being on my nails made the camera freak.

The formula is really buttery and two thin coats is all you need for complete coverage. My favourite aspect of Electric Dream is the three dimensional effect the holo shards give. If I look at it on my nails at a certain angle, the shards sort of rise up off the nail like a magic eye picture! Very trippy :)

Electric Dream is available now from Picture Polish On-line and their Network partners.


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  1. Congratulations, your PP shade is seriously gorgeous. I can't wait to get my little hands on it.

  2. Congratulations! I love coral pinks and your is stunning!!! Beautiful pictures as well <333

  3. gorgeous! so exciting!!! congrats :)

  4. Holy ***! This is absolutely amazing ♥

  5. Wow! Those corals look very beautiful! I would love to go there. Congratulations on your own nail polish! It looks pretty

  6. Congrats honey! You deserve it! <3 THIS POLISH IS PURE love ! XX

  7. OMGosh this color is perfect!!! I can't wait to buy it! ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Congratulations! Electric Dream is absolutely gorgeous and you make it look fantastic <3

  9. Very gorgeous collab! Love the name too!

  10. Michaela I got this today! its so perfect! the formula is so lovely... and 2 coats is perfect!

  11. Congrats...this is really stunning!

  12. Holy moly, that is one awesome colour! :) I just ordered it - thanks for your inspiration of that mega polish! :D

  13. This is such a pretty color! I really want it!

  14. I am absolutely in love with your shade !! you can see it there :


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