Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Candy Lacquer Pretties

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I'm not even sure why, but the blogging bug went bye bye, still I'm clawing my way back, I promise!
I'm on an unofficial no-buy for the month of September - ok it has been a week so far so maybe just til mid-September?
Luckily I just got a couple of good polish deliveries so there'll be plenty of manis to share for some time!

Today I've got my last Candy Lacquer order to share. I limited myself to just four this time - SO HARD!!

Candy Lacquer Fun Dip

Fun Dip is a Floam-style matte glitter mix with mainly neon pink, blue and chartreuse. I applied 3 coats plus some Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite for a smooth, even finish.

Candy Lacquer Fairyland over Picture Polish Twinkle

Fairyland is in the running for BEST Candy Lacquer EVER! It's a chunky mix of holo pink, purple, blue and green glitters in all shapes and sizes!!! I'm not huge on stars and moons but Fairyland makes it work! This was one thick/dabbed coat with a coat each of Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite.

Candy Lacquer Midnight Magic over Digital Nails Super Temp

Midnight Magic is a navy and black holo glitter top coat. The blue is sooooooooooooo gorgeous and the black looks sort of charcoal when it's doing its holo sparkle. I layered it over a bright orange with gold shimmer but it'd look fab over everything!! This was one thick/dabbed layer with a coat of Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite for a glassy finish.

Candy Lacquer Rose Water over Digital Nails So Disco

Rose Water is another holo mix with just pink and aqua blue glitter in a multitude of shapes and sizes. I layered one thick/dabbed coat over a pink scattered holo - SO SPARKLY! And topped it off with the aforementioned Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite.

I'm so glad Candy Lacquer is reopening tomorrow (August 28/29). Hopefully Sandra has some brand spanking new glitters to wow us with!

Which do you prefer: matte or holo glitters?



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