Sunday, 1 September 2013

NPA Does Digital Nails Part II

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How was everyone's weekends?
Because I feel like two days just isn't enough! We need 4 day weeks. Fridays could be for catching up on sleep, Saturdays for getting everything done and Sundays for preparing for the week ahead! Or for swatch-a-thons :)

The other day I showed you some Digital Nails glitters, and today I'm back with some of Raphaelle's fabulous shimmers and holos!

Digital Nails Super Temp

Super Temp is a saturated orange with gold flake glitter. It is seriously hot, perfect for Summer, and only needs two thin coats for full coverage.

Digital Nails Stars At Night

Stars At Night is a navy blue linear holo. In the shade (a picture of which I forgot to include) it's a bit darker. The formula is a bit thin, so I used three thin coats for the photos above.

Digital Nails So Disco

So Disco is another holo. This time it is a scattered fuchsia pink with purple/blue shimmer. I can't tell/show you how amazing SD truly is :( The sun wasn't coming out that day, but it is really fab and another two coater.

Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy

Run, You Clever Boy is my new polish crush! A deep raisin burgundy/brown filled with colour shifting flake shimmer!!! It gives RYCB a duochrome/dual-tone flash of shimmer effect. The dominant colour is green but it shifts to blue and pink as well. I think this was two coats.

So are you in love with Digital Nails now too? I really want the thermal polish Lying - teal to purple with flake shimmer? Yes PLEASE! 15mL bottles will set you back US$10-13.

Hope your manicures make Monday bearable you'all!


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  1. Wow they are really pretty. I LOVE Run, You Clever Boy though. OMG so pretty.


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