Sunday, 8 September 2013

Simple Sunday - with OPI Skyfall & Star Kin Burganberry

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I got OPI Skyfall a couple of weeks ago. I actually bought it from Farmers' Red Dot Sale so it was only NZ$15... Still feels expensive but I really LOVE it and it has been sold out at my usual e-tailer for some time so I had to snap it up!!!

I wanted to do something interesting with Skyfall, so I attempted a chevron tip design, using Star Kin Burganberry which I posted alone *here*

I used French Tip Guides and the thickness and sharpness sort of varied nail to nail so in an attempt to make them look a bit more even, I added a 2cm gold stud to the top of the triangle on each nail! Plus the didn't pop enough without the studs.
I wore this as an honest to God full manicure and got compliments, yay!! It certainly beats my usual 4 nail swatch look!!!

Right now Buster is trying to give me a full body bath with his tongue. Hmmmm... that might be my cue for a shower :p


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  1. Love it! Usually I put my decorations in the moon bit of the nail, but I love how this looks! I will try this next time :D


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