Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cult Nails: Lets Get Nekkid Collection Swatches & Review

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Hey guys,

Had a crappy time today!

When I went out to do the grocery shopping a car crashed into mine... They pulled out right into me when I had the right of way. Luckily the lady pulled out so late that she only smacked into the rear driver's side door, and not into my door. I'll need some serious panel beating on the door, and some paint work.

Needless to say, I ended up only making it to the dairy for some chocolate before I went back home and got into bed for some R&R.

Before all this happened I got pics of the new 'nude' collection from Cult Nails, though!

Mazo - 2 coats - white light

Mazo - 2 coats - white light

Mazo - 3 coats - white light

Mazo - 3 coats - overcast

Mazo is a sheer nude with gold fleck shimmer. It's really pretty. I even liked it at 1 coat on my naked nails! The pics show 2 and 3 coats - it still shows VNL but I think in person it seems quite close to my skin colour so I adore it. Maria put some swatches up of Mazo over various pastel shades and it looks beautiful as a top coat, so I think I'll be using it on top of my cooler toned polishes. Then the blues and pinks might suit me more!! I has a great formula, I felt like it pretty much self leveled but that could just be because it's so sheer and the shimmer gives the illusion of evenness. Either way, nice formula and dries to a super glossy finish.

Baker - 3 coats - white light

Baker - 3 coats - white light

Baker - 3 coats - overcast

Baker - 3 coats - shade

Baker is a semi sheer peachy-orange beige with the same gold shimmer as Mazo. This is based on Maria's own skintone and I can't really decide if it suits me or not. It's probably a bit more in real life than my camera picked up. Two coats is nice but there's still VNL. With three coats, you get full coverage and it's beautiful + unique. I'm pretty sure most Europeans are going to find Baker a really hard colour to pull off though!

Tulum - 2 coats - white light

Tulum - 2 coats - white light

Tulum - 2 coats - overcast

Tulum - 2 coats - shade

Tulum is the wackinest name for a polish I've ever seen. I'm not sure what it means to Maria, but from where I'm from, a Tulum is the name for the opposite of a mullet hairstyle. Sort of an undercut but still long on top and worn parted in the middle . All the boys at my primary school had them in the mid '90s!!! Tulum's the same taupe brown as Power Thief (from the Super Powers Collection) but with gold flecked shimmer instead of silver. When I compared the bottes Tulum actually looked a shade lighter than Power Thief - whether that's just the trick of gold vs silver or the reality is another issue. It applies the same as PT too, sadly. Cuticle drag is a bit of an issue so I'd ideally use 3 coats, but it gets quite dark, and I think I prefer it a little lighter for summer.

Swanbourne - 1 coat - overcast

Swanbourne - 1 coat - flash

Swanbourne - 1 coat - white light

Swanbourne - 1 coat -overcast

Swanbourne is a beautiful dark, rich brown with gold flecked shimmer. It looks very chocolaty in the photos but in person, to me it leans slightly green. That might sound weird but it's so exquisite. Again, it is probably just the effect the gold shimmer has on the brown, but I find that the greenish tinge is very flattering on me. Maria said this one is inspired by her Grandpa's skin colour, which I think is so sweet, and a really nice way to pay tribute to a loved one! I used just one coat, and while there are some semi-bald patches around my cuticles, in person you can't tell.

I am so very glad I got in on the pre-sale and purchased the entire set, because they are all so beautiful and very wearable. Plus there is a shade for every season! I can see myself rocking the darker two in Autumn and Winter; I can use Mazo all year round as a top coat and Baker is a great twist on nude nails! I'm also getting a bit better at applying the Cult polish with the fat lids I find difficult to hold with my small hands, progress...

I've still got Toxic Seaweed to show you, but I'll wait for a sunny day to take some photos. I'll tell you now though, you'll freak at its beauty!!!

How do you feel about Let's Get Nekkid! ?



  1. What a terrible incident with the crashing!
    I'm not a big fan of nudes so this collection isn't something for me.

  2. I've never been a fan of nudes, but these have won me over. I can't wait to get Baker and Tulum! And the polishes are named after nude beaches! :)

    1. Nude Beaches! Suddenly it all makes sense!!!! Thanks Amy

  3. I like this last brown-but didn't get any of these-just didn't excite me


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