Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rhinestone Storm: a born pretty store review

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I've got a really handy nail art tool to show you today.
It's a white wax pencil you use to pick up and place rhinestones, glitter, or other nail art decorations on your nails.

I am useless at applying rhinestones and loose glitter/glequins to my nails so these wax pencils are a must have when it comes to me and nail art. This took me a few months to actually use because I didn't have any way to sharpen the pencil except to use a kitchen knife; which I really didn't want to do :) Once I bought a pencil sharpener - there were absolutely none in the house even though me and mum have heaps of eyeliners and lip liners that need sharpening too - I could finally try it out!

Zoya Storm with green and blue rhinestones from Born Pretty Store

It was so easy to place the rhinestones! I just picked them up with the end of the pencil and placed each of them on to the wet polish. They stuck really well too.

You can buy these pencils in a pack of two for US$1.99 from Born Pretty Store with free worldwide shipping.
The next time you make a purchase from BPS feel free to use the NPA 10% discount code below

I love Zoya Storm too FYI. The holo shards sparkle so intensely in person! And it's very black so I think it'd make a great base for a galaxy mani, which I really ought to try out pronto.

Do any of you struggle to pick up and place nail decorations too? Do you think you'll give these pencils a go?


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