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Comparisons: Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger - original vs reformulation

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I hope you don't all hate me because Toxic Avenger is no longer available! I semi-debated posting this comparison, but it's such an awesome polish, I just had to.

Toxic Avenger was one of Dolly's most sort after creations. It was also one of her very first releases. I bought a mini bottle back in October of 2011. Fun fact: Dollish Polish was the very first indie polish I tried!

TA constantly sold out and then sadly Dolly could no longer get an ingredient necessary to make TA. But due to the popularity of TA Dolly spent a good deal of time trying to create as close a match to TA as possible.

I managed to get my hands of the newer version in late 2012 when Dolly announced her holos had to be discontinued due to new spectraflair regulations. I'm so lucky to have both versions and I want to share them with you now.

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger bottle comparison
L-R: Reformulation, Original
They look pretty much the same to me. I don't see as much or as dark of a pink pigment in the original, but I'm not sure if that is because it's in a smaller and cylindrical bottle as opposed to the larger, square one... Same goes for the amount of orange/gold and green/blue colour shift. It is less visible in the newer bottle.


Reformulation: index & ring; Original: middle and pinkie
In these sunlight photos the difference is really obvious! The original is more of a silver with pink shimmer and looks to be a stronger linear holo. Whereas, the reformulated version looks like a maroon-ish/burgundy pink with a slightly weaker linear holo effect. You can see the colour shift around the edges of the nails in both formulas, but the newer one looks more orange/golden. The reformulation is also way darker than the original. The colour shift looks like sunset in the third photo!!

Natural Light/Shade

In the shade the difference is obvious - the newer version has way more duo chrome shimmer in it, but they still look similar. The original has quite a green/blue (the type which copper piping turns) tinge to it.


Wow, in the second photo the newer TA looks so dark and plum/pink purple with orange/red/green colour shift to the sides of each nail. The holo pigment is very much visible on the nails painted with the original TA and the base looks to be greyish. In the close-up you can tell the duo-chrome shimmer flakes are more dense in the reformulated version.

Top- bottom: reformulated version, original
Left-right: sunlight, lightbox, shade
Wowza!!!! Look how gorgeous that is!!!! You can see the difference in them very clearly. 
In sunlight they actually appear closest in colour but the original TA is a super strong linear holo.
In the lightbox the original is way more silver and the multi-chrome effect is visible but not concentrated.
In the shade the amount of duo/multi-chrome pigment in the reformulation is sooooo dense that you barely notice the base is a greenish grey/silver.

Formula and Application:
The original TA is good to go after one coat! I did apply two for the purposes of this comparison though.
The newer TA was best with two coats.
They both applied like butter, no complaints here!!!

Which one would I rather?
I have to go with the reformulated TA!!!! I just love the intense multi-chrome it's working and that dominant dark maroon/burgundy/pink is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, it's right up my alley. Plus it suits my skin tone more than the silvery original.

Which would you stash and which would you sell?



  1. Sell.... either? *boggle* I would keep my mittens on both of those! :D I love both, but the reformulated, to me, looks nicer for wearing. :)


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