Friday, 16 March 2012

Wonder Beauty Aphrodisiac Swatch & Review + a little change

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Hi guys,

I just discovered another blog with the exact same name and using the same title font as mine so I've added the NZ and changed the font to try to distinguish them a little more!!! Hope you don't get confused :)

Now on to Aphrodisiac...

Seriously super gorgeous and unique, I did not want to take it off my nails! Totally worth the cost of shipping to NZ. I found this store on etsy through Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile. It's actually Lacey's mum's store selling the same style palette nail polish. Just as amazing as Lacey's, only different polishes!

Aphrodisiac - 2 coats - white light

Aphrodisiac - 2 coats - white light

Aphrodisiac - 2 coats - close up
Aphrodisiac is a pastel minty green milky semi sheer base with gold micro small and medium hex glitter as well as green and aqua small hex glitter and medium silver hex. So very pretty! Applied really well. I just gave it a good stir up a couple of times during application to get the maximum number of glitters on my nails!! At two generous coats I was happy with the coverage. Still some slight VNL but I think it looked best that way.  If I ever want to make it opaque I think I'll just layer it over a similar coloured creme. I can see this looking great over OPI Thanks a Windmillion and Mermaids Tears or Zoya Bevin.
I used 1 coat of the Crystal Clear Liquid Fusing/Top Coat that comes with every nail palette. It is nice and thick and gives a great shne, but it is not a quick drying top coat. It is dry to the touch rather quickly but takes the normal amount of time to set. I think I may start using this stuff as a glitter tamer....

You can find Aphrodisiac and more of Wonder Beauty Products polishes at their etsy store. They are US$10 per palette - including the palette, fusing/top coat and a mixing stick.

What do you think? Have you gotten your hands on any nail palette polish yet?



  1. This is beautiful! I bought a polish from WBP a while back and love it! It's more of a layering polish though, so I may have to go back to her shop and check out the more opaque ones. :)

  2. That sucks! Why can't people come up with their own names instead of stealing from others????? I hate that! But this mani is awesome!

  3. Awesome polish! And that's crazy you have a (pseudo) doppelganger out there. I didn't know it was out there, but you're the only NPA I will follow! See, we bloggers are loyal.

    1. It's ok, I don't think my NPA was actually the first, after a few months I think I found what might have been a way older one that was inactive. This girl actually has the domain name .com thing. I just don't want ppl to get confused is all!


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