Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Haul-errific Tuesday

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Hey guys!

Tuesday seems to be the day that numerous packages arrive each week - no doubt due to the postal delays each weekend.
Well, my birthday orders have started to flow in and today 4 boxes arrived on my doorstep. I gave my flatmates full warning that my obsession was intense but I think poor Daniel was still a bit bowled over!!!

Here are the goods:

 First up, from indie brand Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile (clockwise from top left): Love Potion, Wicked, Gina's Galaxy & Edward's Kiss. Lacey was so sweet to include a new pottle of Wicked and a cuticle oil too!!! I love surprises!

L-R: China Glaze Dress Me Up, Fast Track, Mahogany Magic

L-R: China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lush, Riveting, Electrify

L-R: China Glaze Full Spectrum, Misa Bed of Roses
 I got all of these from Nail Supplies: 7 of the new China Glaze Hunger Games collection as well as Full Spectrum from the Prismatic Chroma Glitters release. I also picked up my favourite of the Misa Precious Moments collection: Bed of Roses - a surprisingly vibrant sheer pink jelly.

L-R: Spooky Bones Full Moon mini, Watcher's Woods, Dead Man's Fist mini, The Dream Girl mini

L-R: Spooky Bones Green of Greece mini, One in the Pink mini, Witch of Pungo, The Accident mini
These ones are from another etsy indie polish brand called The Spooky Bones Company. The four in the first photo are from the newest collection, Are You Afraid of the Dark. The pink is a freebie and very nice I might add.

The fourth parcel is from Dollish Polish, but since Dolly send them to me to swatch for her store, I didn't want to include them, feels a bit wrong if I don't pay for them, you know? She sent me all the new polishes that were available the last time the store was open so hopefully I can get her some decent pics before she opens up again!

This is the first haul post I've done in many months cos feel uber guilty about getting tons of polish, but I wanted to give you a taste of things to come! If you'd like to see any of these ones swatched (especially the indie ones, since photos on the net are harder to find than the big brand companies ) please request them in the comment section and I shall be happy to oblige!



  1. The Spooky Bones polishes look gorgeous! I can't wait to see your swatches from these.

  2. Yes I can't wait to see the swatches! :)


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