Saturday, 26 May 2012

Revlon Powder Puff Matte Suede

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Happy Weekend Everyone!

It's been quite cold here in Christchurch, which is a pity for a Saturday, but I've had the heat pump blasting and it's oh so cosy!!!!

In honour of Winter being almost upon us, I have Powder Puff to show you. It looks just like fresh snow melting on my fingertips!!!!

First, though I have to tell you that after discovering how amazing Revlon Fire Fox was, I got on Ebay and picked up 2 more from the Matte Suede holiday collection that Revlon put for the 2010/11 Christmas season. I got Emerald City & Powder Puff. Now I just need to get Ruby Ribbon (though I'm not sure I really want it...) and I'll own the entire set.

Do you get that same, girly satisfaction when you own a whole set of something? With me it can be stationary, clothing, china, obviously nail polish and even oddly bath and shower products!!! I even get a kick out of all my cleaning products being the same brand. I fear this is a pre, pre-cursor to OCD... Is it the 30s when it tends to set in? If so, I have some time!

On with the polish!

Powder Puff - 3 coats - white light

Powder Puff - macro

 Powder Puff is a beautiful sheer milky white with ice blue shimmer in a matte suede finish.  actually forgot to take any photos without top coat, so in both the pictures it's glossy.
I think PP looks just like the snow beneath my skis on a sunny day at the mountain!!! The blue sky always seems to reflect off the snow and looks just like this!

Unfortunately, I do not like the formula as much as the colour! It's sheer and uneven so after 3 coats there was still some VNL and I put Seche Vite on to try and make the mani look more even. Up close you could see that some parts of my nail had better coverage than others!!! Still, from a distance you couldn't tell.

I ended up layering a glitter over it, but next time I wear it I might try layering PP over a white creme polish. But I wouldn't want to lose the milkiness it has. Awh, so delicate!!! I felt like such a lady wearing this & it didn't look stark at all!!!

Next time I'll show you what it looks like with Lynderella Forget Me Not!!!!!



  1. WOAH! Im thinking about picking this up!

  2. I love this polish, I have been looking for it but cant find it.. will have to keep looking after seeing your swatch :)

    1. I'm still seeing them in-store in NZ! I'm pretty sure there's some on ebay and they are still cheap. hope you find one!!

  3. Wow this color is stunning! It am in love! But your remark about having the same brand cleaning products is very troubling to me! I think that is beyond OCD and into very weird land! Hahahahaha!


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