Monday, 14 May 2012

Keeping It Brief with BB Couture AFRICAN QUEEN

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It's a short post tonight; but I have to share that I did my most successful stamping tonight. It might have something to do with using a subtle holo as the stamping polish or perhaps my 'rolling' technique is improving...

But, right now I've got African Queen from BB Couture for you.

African Queen - 3 coats - white light

African Queen - macro
 African Queen falls somewhere between  dark jade and grass green. My camera's brought out too much yellow in the first photo and leached the colour from the macro!!! So It's closest to the macro only a couple of shades darker in person. It has that beautiful flaked shimmer that I can never resist - possibly my favourite polish finish!!

BTW 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY and 301st POST, not bad.

Appreciate all my readers but now I'm off to bed!!!!!!!



  1. PS sorry forgot to add-Happy Blogversary! YAY!

  2. So many exciting things in here haha! Super pretty green polish with super prettiest finish, successful stamping, 1 year blogoversary AND 301st post! Happy for you all round and can't wait to see some photos of the stamping. I am yet to master that.

  3. Love it! So pretty. I don't own any BB polishes but this makes me think I need to invest in some!

  4. I love this, perfect for summer, so pretty :) yay for a blogoversary!


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