Friday, 15 July 2011

Essie Brazilliant Collection Swatches

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 Hey guys hope your day is going well, I'm still flu-ey which is a pain in the bum considering I got the flu jab this year!!!! Oh well, it gives me more time to blog!

This half of the Brazilliant Collection is awesome! The micro shimmer particles in the three polishes are really cool and this is the best orange polish I've seen in ages, so prepare yourselves. For newer photos of the following polishes (taken in sunlight) click here

Brazilliant - indoor low light

Brazilliant - indoors

Brazilliant - the namesake of the collection is just AMAZING! It doesn't come through so much in the photos but the micro-shimmer particles look pink in person (which you can see on the bottle photo here) and make this medium bright orange unique and super pretty/summery. Hands down my favourite orange ever. This is a must have, seriously! I ended up using 3 coats here but 2 was perfect. This is also the best Essie formula I've got (I don't own many), usually I find the brushes a pain in the butt combined with the thinnish polish & get lots of cuticle drag. BUT this formula is a good consistency, highly pigmented & opaque. No drag whatsoever, even though I didn't wait in between coats.

Smooth Sailing - indoor, low light

Smooth Sailing - flash
 Probably the most popular of the collection  Smooth Sailing is a darker blue than Spring's Coat Azure, more cornflour blue IMO. Also it has bigger micro shimmer sparkles than the other two polishes in a white/silver colour. The indoor pic gives you an idea of how in looks out of the sun, kind of speckly. Then when you get some light on it, it shimmers so prettily, not OTT like proper glitters. Gorgeous & perfect application like Brazilliant.

Super Bossa Nova - flash

Super Bossa Nova - Flash

Super Bossa Nova - indoors low light

Super Bossa Nova is described as a fuchsia pink - I suppose it is but IMO fuchsia should be much more purple.  I think I would describe SBN as a medium pink with blue micro sparklies like Brazilliant. That blue injection is what gives it more of a fuchsia feel. I love this one too!!!! I thought it was a dupe for OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia, but when I compared the bottles FF is darker & more purple & the shimmer type is slightly different I think. SBN is a bit chunkier. Perfect application, two coater like the other two.

These shimmers really impressed me. I think they're the best polishes from Essie since the 2009 Resort Collection - and these formulas are better too! There are 2 red/orange cremes & a dirty light grey which looks a bit like Playa del Platinum in this collection too but they didn't excite me cos I had similar ones in my collection. They've got good reviews though.
Do you agree with me? I'm also really excited for their upcoming Fall Collection because it includes an orange colour that they're describing as tan, it reminds me of orangey/brown handbag leather so that is definitely going on my shopping list!!!!

Hope you enjoy these polishes as much as I do!!!!

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