Thursday, 28 July 2011

Orly Happy Go Lucky - Flirty & Frolic

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These two lovelies are from the Happy Go Lucky Collection (Back to School), a set of 4 but I am yet to get the green & blue. So pretty and aptly named for fun:

First, Flirty:

Orly Flirty, 2 coats with flash


This is a very cool pink that is bright and has a bit of a purple in it as well as fine silver shimmer. Fantastic formula, thick, pigmented & very spreadable with the fabulous brush. Could easily be a one coater if applied thickly. The only shimmer in the collection & dries to a satin matte-like sheen. Top Coat it if desired but IMO it's quite nice all on its own. In real life the pink is more vibrant/bright than the photos show. This is my new favorite pink!!!!

And, Frolic:

Orly Frolic, 2 coats, indoors

Gorgeous purple creme with same satin-matte finish as Flirty. It has less blue in it than the picture shows. Quite a pinky/red undertone which lends some warmth - so a really wearable purple on me, yay! Same beautifully pigmented and easy to apply formula. I could have managed 1 coat but I did 2 anyway.

Something about the Orly brushes on these impressed me. I always thought Orly's brushes were a bit too narrow and maybe they have changed over the last year but they seem to be perfect for my small nail beds and make shaping round the cuticle so easy on me! I'm completely in love with these polishes, if I was going to rate them they'd be A+ must haves. I really hope they turn up in NZ. I think I will have to end up getting Fresh & Frisky!

xxxxx NPA

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