Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nail of the Day (NOTD)/ Konad issues

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Today I'm wearing OPI A Oui Bit of Red from the La Collection De France for Fall 2008. It's a  red with subtle pink shimmer that really makes it stand out. I've seen reports that it looks like a creme most of the time but to me up close the shimmer is visible and even when it isn't the dash of pink shows through. Here's what it looks like with and without flash respectively:

It had pretty decent staying power too, I think this might have been 3 coats because I don't like even a hint of VNL showing through (not that anyone else but me can tell) but I think 2 coats was opaque and I also have a coat of Nubar Diamont Top Coat on here as well.
When I wore this polish I couldn't stop staring at my nails and gushing about the colour to my dad and brother who I was with at the time - not that they appreciate polish but to placate me they said it was awesome.

So I'm having major Konad stresses tonight. To understand what konad is go to www.konadnailart.com, but basically it's stamping a design on top of your nail polish instead of having to use nail art pens or decals. It's super awesome but I just can't get mine to work yet.
I bought a knock off stamper though so that could be to blame and I haven't used my stamper with the Konad Special Polishes I've just been trying polishes from my own stash and I'm not sure that they're thick enough. I managed to stamp a cloud pattern from plate m79 onto my ring finger tonight but it's patchy and thin. My plan is to persevere (ok that's the first time i've ever spelt persevere right, which is sad for a 23 year old but still it put a smile on my dial!) with the normal polish and see if it's just my technique and if not I'll be saving up for some real Konad stuff.
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