Thursday, 12 May 2011

My First Post (squeal/scream) !

Pin It Hello everyone (that is if anyone ends up reading this!) ,

Since January this year I have been flippen crazy about nail polish. When I was a child/young teen I loved polish and had quite a collection of them along with my sisters; keep in mind this was a time when California and Revlon Streetwear were possibly the only affordable brands around in New Zealand (that I was conscious of anyway). I think all kiwis know that nail polish is crazily expensive over here, while in the States they might $8 a bottle for OPI, we pay $25 (to be technical maybe $24.90-$24.99).
Anywho, (I do like to go off on tangents) all was well and good but as I got a bit older being a terrible stress nail biter (which seemed to be an on/off thing all through childhood), I sort of switched off nail polish because it was a pain in the neck, looked terrible on my teeny weeny, ragged nails and there weren't any good cheap colours out there. But come the uni years all of a sudden bright and bold colours came back into fashion and surprise, surprise so did stumpy painted nails (not sure why because I still grieve every time a broken nail causes me to cut mine down) and I became aware of all the different AMAZING brands that had made their way over to NZ.
I'm talking at first the cheapies like BYS (available for under $10 a bottle at Glassons and Bling), Miki minis (which were 2 for $5 at my local pharmacy), and LA Girl (also at selected pharmacies and awesome stand out colours too). It was really the range of BYS colours that got me back into polish (and being a bit of a chub with fluctuating weight painting my nails became my thing instead of always looking ultra trendy clothing wise)! Then I found a few Revlons that I loved etc etc.
Then around my 21st birthday I got hooked on OPI because my sister was afflicted by an addiction to the brand and I saw the light, unfortunately poor uni student that I was I could never rationalise spending $25 a bottle more than once in a blue moon because there was soo much drinking and partying to be done. So for about 2 years I got by on my cheap polishes and 1 awesome OPI - Parlez-vous OPI? from the French Collection.
Cut to January 2011 and my love of polish gained momentum... My eldest sister was getting hitched and I was a bridesmaid determined to have decent lengthed prettily manicured nails dammit! So the biting had to stop! The most difficult 3 weeks of my life since I was on a diet (for the dress)and helping with the wedding without my stress release - nail biting. But I persevered, whacked on some Sally Hansen Miracle Grow and that was the push that helped me to overcome my oral fixation and trigger my addiction to nail polish.
My collection has grown from 20 polishes to well over 100 in 4 months. Im both proud and ashamed of that! I think I will have to stop buying them once I have more than 365 because it will take me more than a year to wear even 1 a day! But for now I adore switching from one colour to another every 1 or 2 days - which is ridiculous but seriously fun. My manicuring skills have greatly improved too and I want to share with kiwi girls out there all the amazing brands that can be ultra affordable provided you have the Internet and a credit/debit card!!!!
I will do my best to get some swatch posts up ASAP!

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