Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lemming Quashed: Kleancolor Holo Chrome

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I'd been lemming after Holo Chrome ever since I discovered Kleancolor polish; so probably two years all up! It was never in stock at any of my Kleancolor retailers though and I never ended up buying it online, probably due to laziness!
Then my second Secret Polish Elf got me a bunch of Kleancolors including this one!!!

I actually thought Holo Chrome was made with holo particles but it turned out to be a sugary purple glitter with some fine holo/iridescent glitter for the rainbow sparkle. I still like it, and it's probably more versatile but a small part of me was a wee bit disappointed. I probably should have looked at more swatches online...

Kleancolor Holo Chrome

This was 3 coats with 1 layer of Seche Vite and there's VNL. Holo Chrome has a sheer lavender base with small blue/purple hexes and ultrafine holo and iridescent glitter but it's not so packed that it becomes opaque. I think it'd be great layered over other purples, but it is very pretty by itself too.
The formula is sort of gel like in consistency and easy to apply. I love staring at the glowing larger hexes in the close up photo!!!!!

Quashed any lemmings of your own lately?



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