Sunday, 13 January 2013

Elevation Polish Pics & Bad English

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So I'm watching MTV Classic Top 100 Ultimate Wedding Songs...

Number 16 on the Countdown is Bad English with When I See You Smile.

Tell me how you could possibly have this playing at your wedding without cracking up and possibly wetting your very fancy wedding pants a little?!

The whole time I was thinking, "The 80s must have been a golden era for men's hair stylists". With layering like that and all the maintenance, they must have been making mega bucks, right?!

Just had to share that with you all!

Now for the polish portion of this post!

Elevation Polish Azure Caverns


Azure Caverns is a shimmery cyan with iridescent hex glitters. It has a real ocean/beach/surf feel to it so perfect for Auckland lately. I'm even rocking a slight tan thanks to walking the dogs during the middle of the day, yikes! They love it though!!!
AC is a bit sheer so I used 3 thin coats to mostly cover my VNL, then topped with some Seche Vite.

Elevation Polish Alphubel


 Alphubel is the prettiest pale sky blue with a semi-subtle ice blue and possibly pinky-purple shimmer. It's truly stunning, my favourite light blue polish of all time! I didn't love the formula, it's quite thin and streaky. I applied 3-4 thin coats and let each dry completely before adding the next. I might leave the cap off for a short time to thicken it up a little and that should solve it. I finished it off with some SV.

Elevation Polish Mount Yu


Mount Yu is the reincarnated Yushan from the Kickin' It Ole School Collection. A beautiful pale mint shimmer with yellow undertones. It shares Alphubel's formula issues so you need to apply thin coats and let each one dry well before moving on to the next. I actually layered it over Orly Ridge Filler so I only needed 3 coats and they looked more even. I topped it with SV of course.

Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo

Wow-weeeeee! Pic de Sotllo is the most beautiful dark blue creme/jelly hybrid. It photographs royal blue but in reality it is a few shades deeper. It is equally gorgeous though! The formula is pleasing and you get decent coverage in 2 medium coats. I did opt for 3 for the photos though, plus 1 layer of SV. I'm not sure how the bubbling came about but it might have been because I used Orly Flash Dry Drops on them. It has caused bubbling in the past...

Sadly Alphubel and Mount Yu are no longer available as they were brought back for November and December restocks only and have gone back in to retirement again! But you can still get Azure Caverns and Pic de Sotllo from the Elevation Polish big cartel store now for $10 and $8 respectively.

I'm just waiting on my I Heart Yeti polish to arrive now :) It's exciting to be waiting on a mystery polish!!!!!


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  1. Alphubel & Mount Yu just broke my heart a little, they are SO gorgeous! Hopefully they'll be released again some day. Fab swatches!


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