Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween-y Swatch Spam

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treaters!

No one came to our house this year :( The one time we had candy!
Oh well, more for me!

I never got round to doing any nail art so here's some Halloween themed swatches for you:

Elevation Sarychev sandwiched with Cover Girl Boundless Color Amethyst Mist

Sarychev is a near tangerine orange jelly from the Island Collection. The formula is kind of watery, not like a regular jelly so I had to watch how much polish was on the brush. You get decent coverage after 3 coats but there's still a little VNL left. I started off with 2 coats, then 1 coat of Amethyst Mist and 1 more coat of Sarychev to sandwich it up.

Dollish Polish Vampire's Coven over Revlon Devil's Lure

Vampire Coven is a purple and red glitter mix in a dirty purple/wine murky, semi-sheer base. There's also some fine gold sparkly particles in it too, which you don't notice until you step in to the sun. It's a relative to Lynnderella Pretty Vampire. The glitter is a little smaller and isn't curled though!!!!!!!!!!! Application is a lot kinder too. You can wear it alone with about 3 coats, but I layered it over 2 coats of  Devil's Lure which is a vampy maroon jelly. The base makes VC look like a much more vibrant plum purple!

China Glaze Spectral over Brucci Black Emerald

Spectral is a colour shifting glitter/flakie top coat from China Glaze's Wicked Collection for Halloween. There are small and medium iridescent hex glitters that shift from orange-yellow/gold-green-blue, and lots of fine flakies to match. It looks awesome over a dark base (for maximum colour shifting effect) and I used a dark forest green with orange/brown duochrome shimmer, the gorgeous Brucci Black Emerald.

Pretty & Polished Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman is part of the limited edition Halloween Collection from Pretty & Polished. It's a really sheer purple shimmer with fuchsia, green and black hex and shredded purple glitter. Because it's so sheer, wrapping my tips didn't stop it from shrinking back once the top coat dried and the shredded glitter requires some serious glitter taming because it sticks out from the nail. I used at least 4 coats of WW for these swatches followed by 2 coats of Glitter Gloss. I think it'd look better layered over an opaque purple and that would reduce the trouble with the shredded glitter. I do like the mix of colours and it does look pretty witchy.

China Glaze Immortal

Immortal is also part of the Wicked Collection. It's a concrete grey with blue and pink micro-shimmer and lots of glass fleck shimmer. It's so pretty, my favourite Halloween release by far! The formula is great and 2 coats gives great coverage.

Hope your Halloweens are super spooky



  1. Gotta love Immortal! This is a great group of spam!

  2. I love the Vampire Coven and the Witchy Woman... they're gorgeous!

    I've made an English version of my blog and would be very honored if you could come check it out!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. I love Immortal, haven't got any greys, I'll have to sort that! Lovely blog!


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