Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Hungry Asian Twenty Eleven

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The uni term is almost over hooray! I get a bit of a breather before I have a massive breakdown during exams and then I'm done!

Getting really homesick for Mum and my boys now. Got to skype tonight and Charlie was looking so pretty after his groom (and he was cuddling into Mum's neck) that I got teary!!!! Imagine what I'll be like if I have kids some day!!!!!!

Had a great afternoon when the courier van turned up. Sparkly sent me a humongous box filled with candy and polish. Most amazing blogger/swapper friend ever! So, so generous it is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't follow Sparkly Vernis yet you SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got a gorgeous purple for y'all...

 Hungry Asian Twenty Eleven


Twenty Eleven is a kick ass purple jelly with varying sizes of red hex glitter. It has a nice formula and all but I needed a good 3 coats to hide the VNL and the larger glitter does a slight reflective curl so you need thick top coat to tame it. That said, layered over a purple creme would solve the issue. I'm not wearing top coat in this photo FYI, the glitter doesn't stick out from your nail if you pop on some Seche Vite or Glitter Tamer.

Hungry Asian lacquer is available on Etsy for $9.25/15mL. You can get 5mL minis for $4.50 too.



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