Thursday, 19 January 2012

More Dollys

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Hi guys,

Here's some of Dolly's movie polishes.

Yeah Baby, Yeah - 2 coats - lamp

Yeah Baby, Yeah - 2 coats with top coat - overcast

This Austin Powers inspired lacquer is a great pink based purple with blue shimmer. (There's silvery blue hex & small glitter as well as red bar glitter mixed in and it dries to a satin matte finish. The blue shimmer looks amazing when it's matte but Yeah, Baby, Yeah also looks awesome with a glossy top coat. In the pic I'm wearing a coat of Seche Vite.

Nope, The Other Edward - 2 coats - lamp

Nope, The Other Edward - 2 coats - overcast

This solar system polish was inspired by Edward Scissor Hands - hence the title, Nope, the other Edward! It's a black jelly with fine holo glitter. The formula is flawless, two coats is enough for opacity and because it is a jelly, the black is a bit softer and easier to wear! My photos do not do it justice, I promise.

Millennium Falcon - 2 coats - lamp

Millennium Falcon - 2 coats - lamp

Millennium Falcon is a stunning full coverage silver holographic glitter. The glitter is fine and very dense so 2 coats = perfection. The formula is very nice to apply and all you need is a good top coat like SV to make it smooth and shiny. I had to take the photos under lamp light, so it looks less impressive than IRL. Rest assured, in the sun and shade your nails look like disco balls!!!

I'm The Ghost With The Most, Babe - 2 coats - overcast

I'm The Ghost With The Most, Babe - macro

Inspired by Bettlejuice  (before Models Own brought out the duochromes too) - ITGWTMB is the same coloured green foil as Color Club's Liquid Mol-ten but it has tons of white/silver glitter or shimmer in it, as well as black and white hex glitter in different sizes. It feels very wintery chic to me. Very opaque too, I think you could get away with one coat.

How do you feel about these ones?

You can get your hands on Dolly's creations at her Etsy store Dollish Polish in 5 or 15mL bottles.



  1. I like the last green one!! So freakin pretty!

    1. me too, i flipped when i saw the color club version so when this turned up with all the awesome glitter i was in heaven!

  2. Love them, and the name Nope, the other Edward! is making me giggle. :)

    1. me too, gotta love a twilight reference. i'm waiting for someone to make a franken based on his pouffy hair from the first film!!

  3. Oh wow, these are so pretty! Great swatches!

    1. Thank you Amy! And they are pretty. Dolly keeps coming up with new ones too! I wish I had that creativity gene!!! I inherited the spending one haha


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